Seamless Space

The guest house is a vibrant mix of modern and traditional look. It is made of concrete with branded floor tiles. The facade has head turner design of nice shades of bricks inspired by earth's texture, rugged lines and the warm colors of natural stones. Verandas are made of Kastila design metal works with aesthetic feeling of restoring the ancient designs incorporated with the use of modern technology. Nodular casting is the answer to modern day decorations. Paver tiles were laid on the patio where one can walk gently during rainy days.

  • Front Desk
  • Inner Court View
  • Lobby
  • Dining Area
  • Dining Area
  • Interior
  • Rooftop

What We Offer

  • Breakfast
  • Welcome drink
  • Safety deposit box
  • Back-up generator
  • Wi-fi internet access
  • Veranda
  • Dining area
  • Roof deck
  • On-call massage
  • Budget tours
  • Airport transfer services
  • Swimming equipment rental
  • Boat rental